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Shelby Albers & Chase Haddix — Minted

Shelby Albers


Chase Haddix

Shelby Albers and Chase Haddix

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Our Story

It all started on the evening of October 12th, 2019, in Lexington, Kentucky. The city was buzzing with excitement after a day at Keeneland and an evening watching the Kentucky Wildcats beat the Arkansas Razorbacks. Later that night, Chase noticed Shelby at Centro, a downtown Lexington bar, and struck up a conversation about the fuzzy coat she was wearing. They realized they had an instant connection, especially their love for math.

Conversations over text flowed easily between the two such that when they were finally able to go on their first date a few weeks later, it already felt like they were meant to be. Their excitement over each other continued and they officially became a couple after Shelby impressed Chase with her favorite karaoke performance at her friends' wedding.

As the world faced the challenges of a pandemic, Shelby invited Chase to move in with her, a decision that not only strengthened their relationship but also led to the addition of a furry member to their family – Boone, a golden retriever.

In the fall of 2021, they embraced a new adventure and relocated to Cleveland, Ohio. Here, they continue to build ther life together. Their love story is a testament to the idea that life often surprises us when we least expect it, and sometimes all it takes are some bold moves.

As they look forward to their wedding day, they are excited to continue their journey as a married couple, creating new memories and facing the future hand in hand. They're grateful for the love and support of their family and friends and can't wait to celebrate this special event with all of you!